05:05pm 07/09/2015
  Hello again  
Still here   
08:19pm 20/11/2014

And we carry on
06:07am 14/10/2013
mood: amused
music: Breathe
Think I broke the alarm this morning..... Oh well!
Cue evil cackle....
Odd humor   
09:42pm 06/12/2012
mood: mischievous
If you are looking for twisted humor... dark... go to
Missing Fiction   
10:50pm 01/02/2012
  Recently I've noticed the disappearance of great HP fandom! It's as if the internet old fogies decided that since they don't care for slashdom they will quietly make things go away.

I miss all the great fanfiction that is no longer online for the enjoyment of all. :( sniff - sniff

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New year   
06:48pm 17/07/2008
  Earlier this month I celebrated my birthday. Normally this would mean that I'm one year older because I have completed another turn around the sun; but the way I see it it's just a number... with no meaning unless I decide to give it meaning.
So here is my take on B-Days.... It's my own personal "New Year" and now is the time to make resolutions.
06:54pm 15/08/2007
mood: Going to play here
music: Cranberries
Today I migrated from LJ to Insanity :)
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